Freight Elevator
Freight elevator equipment is important in automated transportation systems, cargo traffic in factories, warehouses.
Freight Elevators can be designed using tractors or hydraulically depending on customer requirements.
Scope of applications
      Load: from 500kg to 5,000 kg
     Speed: up to 60m from 15m/ph / p
     Using tractors
Operating system is designed to increase programming ability vixu of safety reliability, ability to respond flexibly to the conditions nhauo use other plants, convenient for transporting goods and materials response to the production line.
The control system uses type gate drive voltage variation - VVVF frequency use doors with small and medium size, use of DC drives for large doors can increase the productivity and sustainability of the system.
Motor control: use stepless speed control, with variable system voltage and frequency (VVVF) to save power, precision floor helps stop the transport of the forklift hopvoi easy.


Some freight elevators picture:

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