Passenger Elevator
The passenger elevator is transport of load person. Nomal, The elevator  is designed suit for with modern architecture as: Commerical Center, office building, Versatile Building, luxury hotels, condominium.
The passenger elevator  is designed luxury, many of model suit for with modern architecture. The system elevator is designed the standard of Asia and Europe.
The control system is designed to operate transmission technology increases the likelihood Serial secure reliable, flexible response capability, capacity calls for much higher with intelligent operating modes.
The control system uses type gate drive voltage variation - VVVF frequency makes the door opens quickly and smoothly, the controller combined DRF, can automatically adjust the opening and closing time, improve efficiency performance of the elevator.
Motor control: use stepless speed control, with variable system voltage and frequency (VVVF) to save power, stopping exactly floors, quiet, safe and comfortable for both the minority function.


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