Food Elevator
Lifts loads of food scales are most suitable for the transport of kitchen appliances, foods, drinks in the restaurant, hotel, these simple items of goods in supermarkets, China trade Centre, simple things such as Profile, books and newspapers in the bank, library, office, ....
System operation is designed according Serial transmission technology increases the likelihood of safe reliable, flexible response capability, capacity calls for much higher with intelligent operating modes.
Scope of supply:

   -  Load: 50 Kg to 250 Kg.

    - Speed: 15 m / min and 60 m / p.

Power supply: 3 Phase 380 V, 1N, 50 Hz or 220 V 1 phase, 50Hz.
Source control: 24 V DC.

     Speed ​​control 1 (Relay - Contactor) or 2 speed (in inverter)

     Buttons: square type lights remember.

     Tray: removed or inserted easily (2 or 3 trays)

     Cabin and tray materials: stainless steel fine stripes.

     Door: aluminum or stainless steel mirror By fine stripes.
Activity door
     Ejected into a field, a field pushed down, or center opening

     The alarms stopped story.

     Displays and floor displays with 7 Segment LED direction
   Picturesof the food elevator
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