Escalator is a transportation equipment, conveyor type. Escalator system includes the step ladder can be moved up and down continuously rotate a closed circle, and articulated with deep slits on the surface. The path of the escalator is common but some lines are designed to save spiral area. Escalators are usually installed at the supermarkets, commercial centers, the station ... modern escalators used in pairs with one way up and one way down.
To reduce accidents, escalator modernization paradigm is the following:

     Most, escalator handrails have to keep moving the motion step ladder to help people to balance the scales stopped suddenly by reason.
     There are foot pads at the top and the bottom on the scale length helps riders balance at the end.
     There is light demarcate step ladder with fluorescent green colored, mounted inside the operating mechanism of the scale.
     Two or three step ladder first and final design of the string go flat to feel the pace of scale due to inertia.
     The boundary line at the top or side step ladder is painted yellow highlights such as a warning.
     Movement direction (up or down) of the scale and speed can be controlled by time of day, or the flow of people walking on it.
Some escalator accidents be avoided by complying with some simple safety precautions following:

     Hold the handrails.
     Do not use escalators for the purpose of transporting large shipments or on the equipment trolley with wheels.
     Do not use the escalator when using crutches.
     Check clothes as skirts, ties, scarves, shoes ... to avoid being wrapped into the slot scale.
     Children must be accompanied by an adult.
     Looking straight path.
     At the end turn up out of the elevator area to avoid congestion.
     Stand nestled on a ladder to the other side may go through when they need to.
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